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Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular procedure whereby a laser is applied to the skin that sends out intense pulses of light, designed...

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular procedure whereby a laser is applied to the skin that sends out intense pulses of light, designed to prevent the hair from growing in the follicle. Laser hair removal is carried out in a number of beauty salons, clinics, and hospitals all over the country but you may be surprised to learn that this potentially risky procedure is still unregulated.

This means that anyone can set up as a laser hair removal practitioner, despite not having the required levels of experience or expertise. While the majority of laser hair removal specialists do carry out the procedure to a high standard, there are practitioners who fail to do so. If you undergo a procedure with one of these people, and you suffer an injury, what can you do? One option is to claim compensation for personal injury.

Reasons for Making a Laser Hair Removal Compensation Claim

There are some standard circumstances in which you can make a claim for compensation after laser hair removal treatment. To do so, you must be able to prove that the practitioner carrying out the procedure was negligent. This means that they failed to uphold the standard of care required to protect your health and wellbeing. This would result in negligence.

Negligence could be making a mistake during the procedure, for example turning the laser up too high or using the wrong laser for your skin type. It could be failing to advise you of any risks or any information that allows you to make an informed decision.

What You Can Make a Claim For

If you have been able to prove that the beautician acted negligently when they carried out the laser hair removal you may be able to claim for physical injuries, which includes laser hair removal scars (particularly if they are to the face or other visible areas of the body), burn damage, skin discolouration, or infection that leads to serious health problems. You may be able to claim for psychological damage. This means that you are suffering the psychological damage that goes along with scarring or disfiguration. And you may also be able to claim for costs associated with medical care, loss of earnings, and other items that are directly linked to the injury.

Progressing a Claim for Compensation for Laser Hair Removal Injuries

The next step is to find a qualified and experienced lawyer that will assist you in making the claim for compensation. It is important to find someone who will be able to advise you with regards to your specific case, therefore it is ideal if you find a lawyer specialising in cosmetic treatment claims.