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If you are working in a large law office then you know that there are many amazing people that make your job easier thanks...

If you are working in a large law office then you know that there are many amazing people that make your job easier thanks to the work that they do. It can be easy to forget all of their amazing accomplishments with all of the hustle of work commitments, but finding a way to recognize your employees is a great way to build morale and show that you value their hard work. There are a few different ways that you can do this, but it really comes down to the thought that counts.

The first way that you can show your appreciation is to give some sort of gift to your employees. If you want, you can tie these gifts to specific days. For instance, Secretary’s Day is the perfect time to get all of the secretaries in your office Shari’s Berries. You could also use the holiday season as a time to hand out holiday bonuses, or get creative with secret santa programs. Similarly, you do not have to wait until specific times to reward your employees, surprise gifts and recognition always go a long way. A random day off after months of hard work can be more than enough for some employees to feel valued.


Another great way to make employees feel valued is to have an employee appreciation day. Instead of getting gifts or recognizing a few select employees, why not treat all of them to their own day. Many companies have started to recognize their employees by hosting an event at an offsite location and allowing employees and their families the opportunity to come out and celebrate. There are many ways that you can go about hosting an employee appreciation day. You can plan it around an event, like a baseball game, day at the races or something else. You could go the opposite direction and rent out a facility for your company only, like an arcade or somewhere similar. If you have a larger company, you could opt for a cheaper option like renting out a space at a public park. This will give you plenty of room, while still allowing your employees to bring family with to celebrate.

Finally, you don’t always have to make employee recognition a big deal. There is plenty that you can do regularly to celebrate your employees. You can create a weekly email that highlights the accomplishments of your staff and send it out. Employee of the month and quarter awards are also good ways to recognize success. There are plenty of ways to make your employees feel valued, so there is no excuse not to.

Every employee wants to be recognized for their hard work, so take the time to recognize them. Whether you get them gifts, treat them to a day out or simply highlight them in an email, the more you do keeps your employees happy and motivated. Think about how you wanted to be treated when you were starting out and follow suit. Your employees will thank you in the long run.