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How to choose your lawyer for a divorce proceeding How to choose your lawyer for a divorce proceeding
The bar of attachment First of all, if you are the initiator of the divorce petition, the bar of your lawyer is not very... How to choose your lawyer for a divorce proceeding

The bar of attachment

First of all, if you are the initiator of the divorce petition, the bar of your lawyer is not very important. Ask anyway the question of which court of justice is attached. In fact, you will know immediately which court you will have to go to the day of the hearing.

On the contrary, if you undergo the procedure, this information is of great importance and you must be concerned!

Your lawyer must be attached to the bar of the court where the proceedings will be processed. There, I feel that the why you burn your lips.


Therefore, to get information in time, you will have to get up early. Even worse, the opposing party will always have the information before you and you will struggle to have confirmation.

Your divorce lawyer long island may be in the best of cases through an agent affiliated with this court who will serve as his correspondent. If this is the case, you must obtain the contact information of this person who will have easier access to your file and can answer your questions in a more reasonable time.


If your lawyer does not have an on-site correspondent, he or she will have to pay some kind of court access fee. It must have a particular name but I do not remember it anymore. What is important to know is that these are potentially additional costs for you and that we are not talking about 50 € but rather 1000 €!

The number of cases handled by your lawyer

At first, the question seems a bit odd to ask his lawyer but I assure you that when I shared my experience, it will seem legitimate. So, why is it important to know how many cases your lawyer is dealing with at the same time?

Just because it will give you a good indication of the involvement your lawyer can make in your case. Me, I did not ask this information and the detours of a small altercation, my lawyer launched me in a very proud tone:

But I process 200 files at the same time, how do you want me to remember!

It was way too late to change the lawyer on the way, but at that time I knew why I had to redo the whole story and refresh my lawyer’s memory all the time. To put it simply, she was always a little behind and I always felt that I was the guarantor of the file. I could have pleaded in his place … almost.

If you want a sufficient level of involvement from your lawyer, find out about this. My lawyer had two permanence’s and worked on two courts with incessant return trips. Do not fool yourself in your choice!


I do not finish this point which is very important. During our first interview, I raised this point because I did not roll on gold and the lawyer’s fees scared me a lot. I was right to be scared. My lawyer told me about a package between 2000 € and 5000 €.

I was not vigilant, I did not ask commitment on the sum from the beginning and to finish I paid rather 5000 € than 2000 €. The explanations given about the large difference between these two sums came from the fact that the procedure could be complicated etc etc blah blah blah …

What happened next was that my lawyer charged me to the act.  This meant that every time she wrote a document or went to court, an invoice was sent to me for payment. It is not legal although not attackable.

In the end, I paid dearly, very expensive because I changed my lawyer at a certain moment of my procedure.