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Immigration Causes

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Why immigrant became who they are today – read in this article right now! Different Causes of Immigration as a Phenomenon Immigration is the...

Why immigrant became who they are today – read in this article right now!

Different Causes of Immigration as a Phenomenon

Immigration is the movement of people from one country to another in which there are not natives and do not own citizenship in it. People migrate to reside in other nations for various reasons, and in some cases, they end up becoming citizens of that country. There are many causes of immigration and also, the effects.

People move from their home countries to reside in other nations due to various reasons which are broadly classified into push and pull factors.

Push factors of immigration are the forces which make people move from their home country. Some of the factors are voluntary, but in most cases, they are forced to move. There are many push factors which are discussed below.

Lack of employment opportunities especially in the developing countries contributes a lot to the migration of people from these nations to the developed countries. The immigrants believe that they can secure jobs in the countries with good economic conditions and growth. They also have a notion that the remuneration paid to workers and the working conditions and the environment in the developed countries are better than those in their mother lands.

Political instability in a country can make some of its citizens to migrate to other nations. This is because in most cases, it results in war and conflicts which endanger the life of the innocent people in the country. Low levels of technology in the developing republics make it difficult for them to have free and fair elections. This may lead to conflicts between the supporters of the political parties which may result in death and displacement of people. In such situations, people prefer to move to other countries where there is peace.

Drought and famine are other factors which can force people to go to other nations. In some countries, water is inadequate, yet it is very crucial for all living things. When people cannot get water to use and give to their animals, they may be forced to move to other nations to search for it. Lack of rains and water for irrigation also makes people migrate to other countries because they are not able to harvest enough food to sustain their families.

Extreme religious activity is another factor which forces an individual to move to other nations. People who dedicate their entire lives to do spiritual work are compelled to go from country to country preaching the good news of God and to accomplish their mission. They are ready to move from their home land when required to do so by their religious leaders.

The economic activity of a country is essential in determining the living standards of its citizens. A low level of economic activity implies high rates of unemployment due to the lack of incentives for investment. Potential residents prefer to invest in countries with a fast rate of economic growth where they can reap the benefits of their investment within a short period. Nations with weak economic activity also pose a high risk to investor’s ad hence, they prefer to migrate to other countries.

Discriminatory cultures and persecution may cause individuals to migrate to other nations. People belonging to groups of people who are discriminated in their home nations may prefer to reside in other republics where they can live peacefully without oppression.

Pull factors are the forces in other countries which attract foreigners to move to them and become their legal citizens. In most cases, these factors are related to better quality live and high living standards. The pull factors which facilitate immigration are discussed below.

People may be attracted by better employment opportunities in other countries. They gauge the jobs on the basis of the remuneration they will receive and the excellent working conditions and the environment in the foreign land. If they find that it is better compared to the ones offered in their country of origin, they end up migrating.

Individuals may also be attracted by high-quality education in developed countries. Some citizens of the developing and underdeveloped nations prefer to further their studies in the already developed economies. The graduates are encouraged to do so by the fact that they believe they would be outstanding in the job market due to the high-quality education they would receive. By the way many of them use academic paper writing services to succeed. Is it bad or good? Try it by yourself before judging.

People may be attracted to migrate into other nations by better economic activity.  They are motivated by the fact that there is a better quality of life in those countries. Immigrants are also encouraged by the fact that those countries are ideal for investment because the risks of losing their investments are small and the benefits are high.

In cases where people of the same family have different citizenships, some may prefer to migrate to the nations where the rest of the people reside. They are attracted by the desire to unite with the family and live together as one.

When people retire from their jobs in the old age, they prefer to move to other nations to complete their journey of life in those countries. They may be attracted by the scenery, terrain or the climatic conditions of the nations which will enable them to maximize their leisure time. Foreigners are also attracted by the peaceful environment in those countries which will allow them to live without fear.