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 Tons of medications have certain risks of side effects. In such case, healthcare providers are just around the corner providing medications. There are times...

 Tons of medications have certain risks of side effects. In such case, healthcare providers are just around the corner providing medications.

There are times when some of these drugs can really ruin a person’s life and an example of this is Abilify. Abilify is distinguished as the brand name of the drug called aripiprazole. It is used in curing psychotic disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. Even children with autism are using Abilify to medicate their depression. But behind those good things, negative effects are crawling around the patient’s system, and along these lines, causing more agitation and suffering.

Digging more of Abilify and its side effects

Abilify is in the form of tablets and injectable formulations. It is delivered with dosages that depend on a variety of factors such as the patient’s age and ongoing mental disorder. Even with how it helps with these problems, the drug still gives ruinous side effects. Many have been victims of these damaging side effects which already affects so much of their lives. These include:

o   Agitation

o   Aggressive behavior

o   Panic attacks

o   Diabetes

o   Severe restlessness

o   Sleep problems

o   Worsening depression

o   Thoughts of suicide

Diabetes together with Abilify

Many are now complaining about Abilify. With these complains go along their query handing out, “How does Abilify cause Childhood Diabetes”. Because of the insufficient warnings provided in the drug, both adult and children users are facing serious and lifelong risks. Most commonly, as for children, when taking Abilify, each dosage could bring up type 2 diabetes and weight gain. With the held problem, children are always more sensitive than adults when it comes to the atypical antipsychotics’ metabolic adverse effects.

There is already an estimated 26 million children Abilify users in the US who are suffering from diabetes. Another 79 million are listed as prediabetic. With those children suffering from type 2 diabetes, more problems are additionally increasing. These problems contain:

o   Stroke

o   Edema

o   Hypertension

o   Kidney disease

o   Heart disease

o   Vision problems

o   Nerve pain

Proper monitoring and treatment

It is important to be well-informed about the monitoring and medication guidelines when consuming antipsychotic drugs such as Abilify. What one needs to do is to acquire a baseline weight/BMI, fasting triglycerides, blood pressure, and reviewing the patient’s family history in connection with type 2 diabetes.

As for prevention, useful strategies need to be viewed and studied. It is crucial to prevent the development of this illness, not just among children but to adults as well. For the prevention, it should start with the cautious option of antipsychotic drug. Lower-risk agents are essential here. Patients need to exercise regularly as well. Even by doing the activity for 30 minutes a day already helps in getting rid of the illness. A diet plan should be considered too.

Understanding the symptoms of diabetes

For those individuals who are taking Abilify, it is rightly recommended to be aware of diabetes’ signs and symptoms. These usually introduce to:

  • Blurry vision

This is the most common symptom of diabetes. It is because of how the high amount of sugar takes action in the blood. What it does is it pulls out fluid from your tissues which covers your eye lenses.

  • Urinating more than usual

People who have diabetes urinate more than usual because of the extra sugar found in their body which needs to be eliminated.

  • Tingling sensations in hands and feet

Your small blood vessels are damaged when you have high levels of sugar, thus, leading to pain, tingling, or numbness of both your hands and feet.

  • Sores and wounds that don’t heal properly

When a person has diabetes, his body finds it difficult to heal and fight infections.